Introducing the latest member of Pixl Visn

This week Pixl Visn is getting ready to welcome a new member to our team. Our mechanical representative to the school will be making his big screen debut at the Cinedom theaters in Mediapark, Cologne.

360 Degree Video of Robot

The android, who does not yet have a name, is being built in Autodesk Maya by Andrei Stirbu, one of the founders of Pixl Visn. “I expect it to be finished sometime this week.” said Stirbu, while he put the finishing touches on the eyes.

The, currently unnamed, robot will be representing our school in various media over the coming year, but more importantly he will be playing an active roll in the education of our students. First semester students will be able to use him to learn the basics of animation, rendering and lighting.

The latest member of the Pixl Visn team, still under construction

When complete, the robot will be making his way to the big screen before the main attractions at the Cinedom multiplex in Mediapark, across from our campus. The next time you watch a movie at Cinedom come by and visit us after the show.

Close up of components on the head of the robot.

As the model is being constructed, we will post new pictures showing the progress. Feel free to leave a comment or question.

Do you have an idea for the robot’s name? We would love to hear your suggestion; leave your submission below in the comments.

Die Pixl Visn Robot ist "ready for his close up"