Mediafest.NRW 2012 June 23 and 24

Mediafest NRW is coming to Mediapark June 23 and 24 to provide the media makers of tomorrow with access to information and seminars covering a wide range of topics: from film, television, journalism and PR, Media Technology and Management, to games, music and drama.
We will be presenting both Saturday and Sunday during Mediafest.NRW 2012 as well as hosting seminars in our campus in Mediapark.

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Fotos vom „Open Day“ am 1. April 2012

Guests of the Open House on April 1 watch Jonas Ulrich work on a student project

Wir möchten uns bei allen bedanken, die am Open Day teilgenommen haben. Gerne haben wir über die Unterhaltungsindustrie gesprochen und darüber, wie unsere Ausbildung mit 3D-Animation und visuellen Effekten Ihre Karriere als professioneller Künstler zum Laufen bringen wird.

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Introducing the brand new one-day 3D Animation Workshop for 2012

We are getting ready to set sail for adventure on a pirate’s cove. We have launched a new one day workshop starting on February 26 that is open to anyone interested in 3D animation; the lesson has been designed for people who have little or no previous experience. The step by step lesson guides students through the process of building 3D environments and characters using the same 3D software that created some of your favorite movies and video games.

For the 2012 workshop we are creating a fun pirate themed island castle that introduces our students to the basics of 3D Animation. You can see videos of students from our previous workshop on vimeo or learn more about our current workshop on our site.

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